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Tablet Coating RCS Series

liquid Orifice Range :0.5 to 1.2 mm

SPRAYTECH'S Latest Development, RCS series coating spray nozzles offers very compact design with innovative flow control feature. This feature offers the user to take the RCS coating nozzle from the lowest 20 ml to its max limit is just a spin.

RCS type coating spray nozzle is very light weight and features anti bearding air cap design which eliminates the deposition of material over the air cap and abolishes bearding over gun.

RCS comes with individual ports for liquid, Atomizing, Fan control and auto shut-off for total control. Also as it is has external mixed design thus, atomized spray properties could be changed as per need with fine tuning of individual pressures of Atomizing air, Fan Air & Liquid pressure.

Innovative needle assembly provides the Auto-shut off and Auto Cleaning of liquid orifice.

RCS type coating spray nozzle is suitable for Lab-coater, Auto Coater and Conventional coater.

Spray setup available with Flat Fan, and Round Pattern.

All Sealing materials are FDA Approved.

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