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Tablet Coating Spray Nozzles RC Series

Spraytech's RC Series tablet coating spray nozzle are specially designed to meet GMP requirements where surface texture plays very important role.

The unique Air Cap design makes it Anti Bearding and keeps coating process shutdown free, thus higher production ratio and quality requirements are achieved.

RC series spray nozzle is a compact device incorporating of independent controls for Liquid, Atomizing Air and Fan Air for fine tuning of spray capacity, droplet size and spray patterns. It is available in wide variety of spray setups that give a complete selection of flow rate and flat spray patterns.

R series spray nozzles are externally mix nozzles. This means the liquid and air are mixed outside of air cap to produce complete atomized spray.

The liquid atomization is controlled by varying atomizing air and fan air pressures without changing liquid flow rates. The flat spray pattern is controlled by varying the fan air pressure in conjunction with the atomizing air. This is effective for high viscosity liquids, coatings and suspensions.

Tablet coating spray nozzle features a cylinder for controlled "on-off" operation. The cylinder controls a liquid clean-out/ Shut-off needle which also cleans the liquid orifice.

The R Series coating Spray Nozzle are a compact, precision nozzle.Incorporating independent controls of liquid atomizing air and fan air for fine tuning of spray capacity droplet size and spray patterns.It is available in a wide variety of spray setup that give a complete selection of flow rates and flat spray patterns.

Spray Nozzle Type RC
Spray Type Airborne Air Atomized
liquid orifice size range (Standard) mm 0.8 - 1.5, (1.0)
Solution Flow Rate (typical per nozzle) Liters/hour 6 - 30
Atomizing Air Pressure Range bar 0.7 - 3
Spray Width Pressure Range bar 1.0 - 4.0
Maximum Compressed Air Pressure bar 5.5
Compressed Air Consumption (maximum @ 2.0 bar) Nm³/hour 10.5
Seal Material (standard) check compatibility for organic use FDA Approved

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