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Fluid-bed Spray Nozzles & lances

Fluid bed process consists of following applications

1. Drying
Process of extracting moisture from solid bulk material by making it fluidized with high flow blow of air, so moisture is removed homogeneously and all over surface of every single particle.

2. Granulation / Agglomeration
Powder particles of bulk material bonded by liquid fine spray. Liquid could be water or an organic solvent and the powder material will be mixed together. Agglomerate has less strength of particle bond.

3. Coating
Fluidized particles are coated with spray of coating material which enhances. coating film must be very uniform over the particle surface.

4. Tangential Coating
Centrifugal motion is used for making spherical pallets, at the same time particles are bonded by binder liquid. layering also can be done in same way.

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